This old intranet has been retired. The new intranet can be found at:

You must also log onto your account to access it.

New features include:
Cleaner, simpler, modern design
“New Students at Ruse” page
Updated library page
Newsletter archive
Annual school reports archive
Staff list
Wi-Fi Guide
Transport Guide
Exam Schedules
Bell Times
Updated Faculty pages
New Careers Faculty page
Updated Extracurricular pages
Ability to download all files at once

If you are having trouble logging on:

1.    Go to Click on the Sign In button at the top right-hand corner.

2.    Enter your email address. (e.g.

Click Next.

3.    Enter your password. 

Click Next.

 4.    You will know you have logged in if you are brought back to the page and your account picture appears where the Sign In button was before.

  5.    Now you can access the intranet! Go to

We will not delete the old intranet, but please remember that it will no longer be updated. All new past papers and resources will be uploaded onto this new intranet.

We hope you enjoy! :D

From the Intraneat Team
Hayes Choy, Julia Tran, Shalini Vijeyakumar, Ms Chen, Mrs Ramsay
Friday 8 September 2017

Welcome to the James Ruse Agricultural High School intranet portal!
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